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What livejournal is still alive and kicking!

I'm just amazed that livejournal is around. I need livejournal like whoa in my life right now and i totally have it.

Ok so i got a job in atlantic city, NJ. i start very soon, i have orientation on Wednesday
I'm living with 3 men..very interesting, i have to say.
I'm a little bummed out, because i know NO ONE around here. My roommates are nice, but they have their own lives.
I'm hoping at orientation on wednesday, i meet some new people.
I think i'm pretty normal, i should be able to meet people..

Soooo if anyone wants to get away for a couple of days! Come visit Atlantic City...U'll have a place to stay!!

much love

if your looking for something to all your livejournal entries from High School...its a wicked good time!
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